Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I've been tagged

Vicky Gould tagged me over 2 weeks ago and I am finally playing! Thanks for tagging me Vicky! Here are 7 random facts about me:

1. My best friend Kimberly lives in Maine and we have known each other since seventh grade! We have only seen eACH other in person at most 15 times over the past 35 years, yet our friendship is such a remarkable bond! we met last wekend in denver to celebrate her son Casey's wedding to Francesca, and had a terrific time exploring the city!

2. I LOVE SWIMMING!!! If I do not get enough swimming in I have dreams about the ocean....

3. I am not a very religious person. I am Jewish but do not belong to a temple at this time in my life. Though not religious, I do believe I am very spiritual.

4. I love shopping, and my friends and sister and Mom are thrilled when they get to go shopping with me because I am such a good scout in a store. meaning i will run back and forth to the dressing room with whatever you need, or if it is home furnishings I have a good eye for what might look nice in your home....

5. I am a Gemini and do have 2 personalities. luckily my *evil* twin Naomi does not come out to play much!! *wink, wink*

6. My garden has been sorely neglected over the years and this fall thesze huge weeds have sprung up with hundreds of white flowers on each one.... I think I am in real botanical trouble on this one.
My Mom's side of the family are Conncecticut farmers, I think that gene missed me....

7. I love stamping, crafting, making jewelry, flower arranging. yes I am the craftiest one in my circle of friends. BUT I have NEVER balanced my checkbook! Are you still my friend? BWAHAHAHAAAAA!!!!

e of the family are Conncecticut farmers, I think that gene missed me....

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Hi everyone! My Name is Nancy Levine, known as NANCYRUTH on SCS. I have began stamping 20 years ago, though I put everything in the attic for about 10 of those during the hectic years of my single motherhood. I went to a stamping up party about 5 years ago and the stamping flame was rekindled and i have stamped almost every day since then. I work full time in a lighting store and enjoy my career in sales which allows me to fund my crafting habits. I am also a beader and spend my free time stamping, swimming and making jewelry! I look forward to charting my creative journey through my new blog. Fast forward.... After 13 months of unemployment due to the economic downturn I completed my Therapeutic Recreation certification and now work in a skilled nursing facility creating and implementing recreational programs for the residents. I also had the priviledge of working at Beadz Boutique in Darien Ct. where I fine tuned many of my beading skills!